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Joining the CAI

What we Represent
The CAI has membership categories for everyone from sole proprietor aerial and satellite installers, to the largest commercial system design and installation companies along with manufacturers and distributors who supply all the necessary equipment for signal reception networks. The CAI also welcomes applications from consultants and broadcast operators.

All companies wishing to come into membership will need to have been trading for 12 months before applying for membership.

pdf Download an Application Form to join the CAI

Our Pre-Requisites for Membership
The CAI employs a full-time assessment executive to manage a programme of membership assessment that monitors the business operation and conduct of its members. To be successful in obtaining membership all applicants are visited and assessed on the ability to;

  • Organise their business so that work is programmed and recorded coherently.
  • Carry out work in accordance with the CAI codes of practice relevant to the scope of the work.
  • Provide a service to the client that adheres to the CAI code of conduct.

Documented Evidence
All new applicants in addition to current CAI membership requirements are required to present 3 pieces of evidence:

  • A satisfactory basic disclosure* for engineers entering customer homes. (This needs to have been obtained and passed to the CAI membership secretary within 12 months of issue and will be valid for 3 years).   
  • Proof of CAI minimum standard liability insurance - Employers liability and public/tradesman's liability. (Currently £2m for single unit dwelling only installers and £5m for systems installers working in communal or commercial environments).
  • Valid safe working at heights certification relating to the scope of work undertaken.

 *All basic disclosures are background checks that need to be clear of all unspent convictions in order to be accepted as evidence for CAI plus. These disclosures must have been issued within the last 12 months. They can be applied for online from Disclosure Scotland www.disclosurescotland.co.uk.

At this point in time it is a requirement that all vans carrying 'CAI plus' logo's will be manned by at least one engineer providing the satisfactory evidence of competence.

All basic disclosures need to be clear of all unspent convictions in order to be accepted as evidence for the scheme.  These checks must be issued within the last 12 months.

Once the CAI has received or discussed your application, one of our assessment team will be in contact with you to arrange an assessment visit. The on-going assessment of all CAI companies is fundamental to CAI strategy in helping regulate the industry and secure more profit making opportunities for the membership.app form  checklist

To achieve these goals we need your full co-operation. A full listing of all that we expect from an installing business applying for membership is available HERE.

It will be essential to see documented details of recent installations, which in most cases will be assessed on the day of the visit. Alternatively to reduce travel costs, where work is remote to the business location, the assessment officer may accept detailed documentary and photographic evidence work samples. This is subject to the ability to prove the work is the authentic property of the member or applicant company. 

Initial Cost
Finally, we need an assessment fee of £150.00 be paid before or on the date of assessment to the CAI assessor. Ideally this can be paid by BACS or credit card by contacting the CAI membership secretary or by cheque either before the visit or be passed to the assessment officer.  

If for whatever reason your application is unsuccessful this fee is non-refundable.  The escalation of travelling costs and withdrawal of applications after assessment has made this payment necessary so you are advised to prepare for your visit and ensure everything is in place for the assessment. 

Your invoice on acceptance of your membership will be adjusted taking into account the assessment fee already paid. (i.e. the £150 is deducted from your first subscription).

Please note; The CAI logo is a registered trade mark. Use of the CAI Logo is not permitted until such as time as your company is officially elected into membership of the Confederation. Any instances of misuse of the logo will be reported to the relevant trading standards department and will halt the application for a further 12 months.

Benefits of Membership

The CAI is an independent Trade body governed by the industry for the industry; it is not run for commercial gain other than for its members. Any surplus generated by the CAI is reinvested back into services for the benefit of the membership. View the pdf below to view the NEW benefits and discounts of membership you could obtain by being a CAI member,

Members Benefit Feebdack Section Cover Edit

You could be better off by £150 per annum by becoming a member of the CAI.

Great savings of as much as £150 could be yours even after the CAI member subscriptions so don’t delay - join today!

              Commercial Benefits Leaflet Shadow                      Financial Benefits Leaflet Shadow    

 Subscription Rates

The CAI has membership categories for everyone from small domestic aerial and satellite installers, to the largest commercial system design and installation companies as well as the manufacturers and distributors who serve the industries need for quality products. The following subscriptions are valid for twelve months from April 2015,

Category   2015/16 Subscription Rates   2015/16 ATN Rates*

A - Domestic        
1-2 employees   £232.00   £174.00
3-5 employees   £325.00   £243.75
6-12 employees   £500.00   £375.00
13-32 employees   £620.00   £465.00
33-62 employees   £850.00   £637.50
63-99 employees   £1,422.00   £1,066.50
100+ employees   £2,844.00   £2,133.00

B - Systems        
1-2 employees   £357.00   £267.75
3-5 employees   £499.00   £374.25
6-12 employees   £702.00   £526.50
13-32 employees   £745.00   £558.75
33-62 employees   £1,275.00   £956.25
63-99 employees   £1,707.00   £1,280.25
100+ employees   £3,413.00   £2,559.75

C - Manufacturer/Distributor        
1-5 employees   £657.00   £492.75
6-29 employees   £1,059.00   £794.25
30-99 employees   £1,350.00   £1012.50
100+ employees   £2,207.00   £1,655.25

D - Retailer/Rental Company        
Small local company   £677.00   £507.75
National company   £1,115.00   £836.25

E - Transmission Platform Ops   £1,830.00   £1,372.50

F - Affiliate        
Broadcasting Orgs   £687.00   £515.25
Associated orgs and Advisory Bod £361.00   £270.75

G - Consultant   £193.00   £144.75

Alternate Trading Name   75% of appropriate category    
Branch Office   £48.00    


Subscriptions are subject to VAT at the current rate.

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Please note: It is not necessary to send your remittance with the application. Once your application has been approved, you will be notified of the correct subscription payable to enable you / your company to be registered into membership. Cheques, when requested, should be made payable to "The Confederation of Aerial Industries Limited". We also accept payments by Mastercard or Visa.


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