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Benefits of Membership

The CAI is an independent Trade body governed by the industry for the industry; it is not run for commercial gain other than for its members. Any surplus generated by the CAI is reinvested back into services for the benefit of the membership.

The CAI is recognised by organisations such as the DTI and the broadcasters for advice on market issues and information as well as technical services such as product benchmarking. It is also recognised as the focus for the provision of training and education to the industry.

commercial benefits     


You could be better off by £150 per annum by joining or being a member of the CAI.



financial benefits
Great savings of as much as £150 could be yours even after the CAI member subscriptions, so don't delay - join today!

The range of services offered by the CAI is intended to help Members complete high quality work, safely and to create business leads and opportunities.

Professional Status
CAI membership demonstrates that you work to demanding standards and Codes of Practice and can meet the needs of today's business through knowledge and experience. Members can benefit from the growing CAI's reputation with consumers, and broadcasters alike.

CAI Website
The web site provides contact and service information on member companies to the consumer and industry. It is also a central reference point for the latest industry news and comment on current technical issues.
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Professional Development
The CAI offers a range of courses to match education and skill levels required in today's rapidly changing market. The courses range from the basic to the specialist installation, giving you the latest practical applications and best practice. As a member you can enjoy a substantial discount on any CAI course.
Non-members are able to enrol for these courses and full details can be found on the education programme page.
Information Services
The CAI offers a comprehensive range of Codes, Guidelines and business information to help you run your business effectively. It also publishes regular newsletters and a quarterly technical journal, Feedback, each of which include regular updates on changes in legislation such as planning rules and Health & Safety regulations. The CAI also publishes, twice yearly, a Members Directory that lists all Members details together with their services and areas of work.
Bespoke Insurance
Through our insurance partners Jelf Insurance Brokers Ltd, the CAI offers uniquely tailored insurance to meet the needs of our industry that is not generally available elsewhere and at a competitive price. Individual policies can be written to match the specific cover needed by your company.
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Learn from the market leaders by attending events such as our Trade Fairs where you will be able to meet leading people and companies in the industry. At these events you will have the opportunity to attend dynamic and thought-provoking seminars that will provide valuable insights into best practice.
Quality Control
Through the services of full time inspectorate new and current members are routinely screened, ensuring standards are being maintained. The CAI also offers a complaints procedure and arbitration service as well as a guarantee on all domestic installations.
Through cooperation with major directories the CAI also offers corporate advertising schemes through Yellow Pages, Thomson's Directories, What Satellite, Better Satellite and local newspapers.
National and International Representation
The CAI represents the views of the industry to various Government departments such as the DTI and also has a presence on National and International Standards and Technical Committees. This representation ensures that the industry is kept abreast of regulatory and technical changes. 
Premium Credit Scheme
Members are offered this service in which they can pay their membership subscription over 10 monthly payments via Premium Credit Limited.  There is a small charge of 7% (chargeable by Premium Credit Limited) for this service. Please also note that for new members to the Confederation your first initial membership subscription to us needs to me made in full to be able to officially bring you into membership and from your first full year of subscription onwards you will eligible to use this service.  Should existing members want to take up this service then please contact Amanda Ward on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Members also benefit from discounted:

  • Education and Skills Training Courses.
  • Exhibition Space Charges.
  • Corporate Advertising.
  • Support material, vehicle stickers, consumer guidelines, and customer charters and more.
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And Free:

  • Identity Cards for all employees.
  • Access to a legal helpline - Lawcall.
  • Admission to CAI events.
  • Issues of quarterly trade journal, 'Feedback'.
  • Copies of CAI's regular newsletter - featuring all the latest news.

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