The CAI Committees

The CAI Committees are made up of the following board members and staff, plus in a few instances co-opted members too. The latter being on the training and technical committees where we have tutors and other interested parties in addition to board and staff members.

Should you wish to raise a matter with any of the Committees listed below you are invited to email the Chairman or Vice-Chairman of that committee. Whilst your email will be acknowledged there are sometimes several weeks between each committee meeting and therefore you may not receive an immediate response to your email. Use the 'Contact CAI staff' or 'Board of Directors' pages to contact individual members.  You may also contact Mr Les Hampson (CAI Chairman) or Mr Paul Blake (CAI Vice-Chairman) in the same manner.

Mr D Walker (Chairman) , Mr R Webster (Vice-Chairman) and Mrs B Walker.

Mr L Hampson (Chairman), Mr P Blake (Vice-Chairman), Mr D Walker, Mr R Oliver and Mrs B Walker.

Mr R Oliver (Chairman), Mr T Jenks (Vice-Chairman), Mr S Sinclair, Mr M Voss and Mr K Dawson.

Mr T Jenks (Chairman), Mr Les Hampson (Vice-Chairman), Mr S Gray, Mr L Hampson, Mr T Jenks, Mr K Bail, Mr R Calaz, Mr I Smedley, Mr G Mayhew, Mr Simon Humphries, Mr Kevin Dawson and Ms A Ward.

Mr L Hampson (Chairman), Mr G Fernandez (Vice-Chairman), Mr K Bail, Mr P Blake, Mr D Hodges, Mr D Holliday, Mr M Chandler, Mr D Walker, Mr R Oliver, Mr S Sinclair, Mr S Gray, Mr M Voss, Mr G Mayhew and Mr S Haines.

Mr R Oliver (Chairman), Mr K Dawson (Vice-Chairman), Mr R Webster, Mr K Bail, Mr P Blake, Mr G Fernandez, Mr T Paintain, Mr Dave Hodges, Mr D Holliday and Mr S Gray.

Mr T Paintain (Chairman), Mr Paul Blake (Vice-Chairman), Mr S Humphries, Mr S Sinclair, Mr M Chandler, Mr S Gray, Mr T Jenks, Mrs S Hamm-Bury and Ms A Ward.

Mr S Atherton (Chairman), Mr K Dawson (Vice-Chairman), Mr T Jenks and Mr M Voss.


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