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CAI Benchmarked Cable

Updated 28 January 2014


Cables which have achieved CAI Benchmark status to date are listed below:


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Company Part No. Certificate No

Cable Type 100    
Antiference Ltd ANT100 CAI 0087   B
Cables Britain Ltd CB10R CAI 0006   J
Concordia Technologies Ltd HYCFR100 CAI 0106   A
Concordia Technologies Ltd HYC100 CAI 0075   D
Deta Electrical Co Ltd 535B CAI 0101   A
Italiana Conduttori srl RP61 CAI 0109   A
Leigh Cables Commercial Ltd LCC100 CAI 0102   A
Oren Kablo Elektrik ve Elektronik Sistem Oren HD103 CAI 0103   A
Philex Electronic Ltd PF100 CAI 0108   A
Philex Electronic Ltd PF100 CAI 0105   A
PX Cables PXT100 CAI 0088   B
Qing Cables Ltd DFD100 CAI 0100   A
Televes 4138 CAI 0095   A
Triax UK Ltd TX100 CAI 0059   E
Webro Cables & Connectors WF100 CAI 0009   J
Webro Cables & Connectors WF100 CAI 0107   A
Webro Cables & Connectors WC100 CAI 0104   A
Webro Cables & Connectors HD100 CAI 0068   E
Cable Type 125    
Webro Cables & Connectors WF125 CAI 0020   J
Cable Type 165    
Webro Cables & Connectors WF165 CAI 0024   J
Cable Type RG6    
Televes CXT-1 CAI 0096   A
Webro Cables & Connectors RG6 SDU CAI 0110   A
Cable Twin Type    
Cables Britain Ltd 2xCB63R 0.65 Twin CAI 0001   A
Caracal UK Ltd CAR63 0.65 Twin CAI 0003   A
Webro Cables & Connectors WF65 0.65 Twin CAI 0002   A