TrustMark – a new web approach

TrustMark, the organisation for government supported standards in service trades, have commenced the rollout of their new, updated website and associated database.  Undertaking a phased approach, Phase 1 is nearing completion.  They are rolling out a significant number of changes to the website including a change to the ‘look and feel’.  Due to this being such a significant update to the all the systems and the website please let us know if you should come across any areas that do not function as you expected and will pass on your findings. 

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Good weather, bad TV and radio reception

The BBC has issued another warning about TV and radio problems due to the current atmospheric conditions across parts of the UK.

In the second warning in recent months, the broadcaster has confirmed that the current area of high pressure bringing hot weather to the UK is causing problems for some viewers and listeners.

Forecasts indicate that many parts of England and Wales will have enhanced conditions for TV and radio reception - meaning reception from distant transmitters will be improved, but often at the cost of local reception, when distant transmissions drown out reception of locally broadcast services causing pixelation, break-ups or loss of channels.

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Trailblazer Apprenticeships – we need you

By now all CAI members will have opened a letter from the CAI outlining our quest to establish an apprenticeship scheme for our trade.  We need 10 member companies or individuals who can form a working group that will write the standards for a new ‘Trailblazer’ apprenticeship scheme.  Trailblazers are a fairly new concept endorsed by the government and established by the industry for the industry – not a qualification developed in the normal school or college frameworks. There is a general feeling that we need our own pathway for our specialism – rather than a scheme ‘bolted’ onto an existing framework – as was the now defunct NVQ in Signal Reception that was joined up with consumer electronics and domestic appliances.  The CAI being a trade association can only spearhead this campaign and facilitate or moderate the group.  There is a restriction on the part trade bodies can play here. 

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Birmingham Gib Heath – Freeview relay transmitter change

Some Freeview viewers in the Gib Heath area of Birmingham may see temporary disruption to their TV service on Thursday 9th June as a local transmitter is relocated.  Currently positioned at the top of the Norfolk Tower block in Lodge Road, the Gib Heath relay is being moved to neighbouring James House in Newtown Drive following notice of plans by Birmingham City Council to redevelop the existing site.  Engineering work to reposition the transmitter will take place during the day, outside of peak viewing times.

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Freeview technical changes in parts of the West Midlands

Some viewers in the West Midlands may need to retune their Freeview receivers on the 1st June 2016 in order to continue receiving all BBC channels.  Technical changes are being made to the signal from The Wrekin transmitter, as well as transmitters in Bromsgrove and Lark Stoke, which will affect BBC standard definition channels on Freeview. 

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Welcome connectivity by all at EC 2016

IMG 1515
In these uncertain times one thing is certain – you can never be sure how a trade show is going to register with those who register! We need not have feared the outcome of this year’s visit to the National Motorcycle Museum for ‘Evolving connectivity 2016’. 

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It’s Show Time!

Evolving Connectivity 2016 is upon us.  Hosted by the CAI, the only national event for the UK’s signal networking industry returns to the National Motorcycle Museum, Birmingham, on Wednesday 27th April.  As well as the only national exhibition arena dedicated to our trade in media reception and distribution we have a formidable talk-show line-up of speakers directly involved in how Britain’s TV landscape is shaping up for the future.  Spectrum changes are high on the agenda as more TV space gives way to internet protocol applications. 

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The countdown begins – 3 weeks to go until Evolving Connectivity 2016

Just as Easter came early – so will ‘Evolving Connectivity 2016’EC2015 E Burst Image The timing has gradually pushed backwards into the year from the old regular summertime slot of June during the heady days of digital switchover.   The show now reflects the quantum leaps our trade has made as we move into a connected digital environment based on internet protocol.   CAI distributors will be showing and explaining their new product that now distributes around homes basing their extra viewing on broadband connectivity.  However, the UK terrestrial market is still strong as millions of households still employ an aerial as means of viewing real-time TV around their home.  With major moves now Basic aerial and satellite training still forms the main demand backbone of CAI courses delivered today.  The CAI’s Education & Skills programmes have made the bold step into City & Guilds accreditation.  To mark that, the CAI training stand will be manned for the whole of the show on Wednesday 27th April so that members and non-members can come along and talk about upskilling requirements as trade moves towards broadband connectivity and all the other devices viewers use to watch moving pictures around the home.  Click on the link below for the finalised speaker list:


Plans now underway for 700 MHz clearance

The ever-moving feast of aerial changes for 700 MHz clearance goes to 160,000 households this month as Ofcom announce further consultation with stakeholders on the project.  The Government is considering whether there is a case for making public funding available to support viewers and wireless microphone owners with these changes. It has requested advice from Ofcom on the effects the changes will have on stakeholders, the options for addressing these effects and the associated costs.

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