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Membership Categories

CAI members cover almost all aspects of TV, Radio and Multi-media signal distribution in the home and commercial properties.  The manufacturer and distributor members deal on the supply front and the installers from the single household to large networks covering multiple outlets.

The following contact listings include a summary of the services each member is involved with as business.  Some are short abbreviations, others acronyms.  In order to help you seek advice from the member involved in your field of enquiry the following definitions should help you narrow your search.

Affiliate Members – Companies associated with the aerial and satellite industry that are not necessarily installing members.

CAI SMATV Approved Installer – The member company will have one or more engineers who have attained the CAI / City & Guilds certificate in the Design and Installation of SMATV.

CAI plus Member – Accredited Digital Installer, who has submitted a satisfactory Criminal Records check, a valid Working at Heights Certificate and is covered by the adequate liability insurance.

CATV: Community Antenna Television.  A master antenna and distribution system capable of receiving, amplifying and distributing a television signal via a coaxial or fibre cable to television receivers in a large community.  Also known as “Cable Television”. 

CCTV – ‘Closed Circuit Television’ could describe a network distribution relaying pictures captured on cameras or the distribution of images from other video sources.

Conditional Access – Usually relates to encryption or scrambling methods used by broadcasters of subscription television or radio.  Linked with this will be the supply of ‘Conditional Access Modules’ (CAMs)

Consultants – Provide consultations for private and public dwellings and properties.

Controlled Access Systems – Cover all aspects of entry into buildings including concierge and security control.  They could also include warden call, alarm systems and door entry.

Domestic Installer – Engineers who only service single dwelling units.

Domestic Satellite – A small number of members may not be involved in terrestrial TV and Radio antennas but purely satellite receiving equipment.

Domestic TV/FM - Sometimes referred to in broadcasting as ‘individual receiving systems’.  These are terrestrial aerial arrays that serve a single dwelling environment.

IRS – ‘Integrated Reception Systems’ distribute available TV and Radio signals alongside the satellite signals received directly from one or more satellite dishes.  This enables subscribers to the system, to select either terrestrial, satellite or both platforms to view the available broadcasts on provision of the relevant receiving equipment.

Manufacturer/Distributor Members – Members who manufacture and/or distribute tools and equipment useful to the trade. Some may also be installing members.

MATV – ‘Master Antenna Television’ is the distribution of TV and radio programmes over a cable network from a single antenna array.  Frequently they relay a designated number of channels that can be tuned on TV’s connected to the network.

PA – ‘Public Address’ systems that distribute audio of any description.

SMATV: Satellite Master Antenna Television.  Similar to MATV with the addition of locally modulated signals, commonly satellite programmes.

Systems Installers: Companies who undertake work in multiple dwelling units, public houses, council properties, hotels & apartment blocks. Some also offer domestic installations. Those companies which have one or more engineers who have attained the CAI / City & Guilds qualification, 3456-1, in the Design and Installation of SMATV & IRS Networks or who have achieved NVQ Level 3 in Signal Reception are listed and classified as CAI Approved Systems Installers.

TVRO An acronym not widely used now but refers to ‘Television Reception Only’.

VSAT: Very Small Aperture Terminal.  A two way satellite system used to transmit and receive information such as internet access, credit card transactions, national lottery and stock levels, as well as video links.  May be temporary or permanent.


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