Complaints Procedure

The CAI's Complaints Procedure forms part of the Consumer Promise.  The procedure states:

Complaints Against CAI Members
If a customer is unhappy with the standard of workmanship carried out by a CAI registered installer, or indeed is dissatisfied with an aspect of the job, and has been unable to resolve the problems with the Member concerned, the CAI has an official complaints procedure. The CAI will fully investigate any complaint that it receives against one of its Members and is empowered to impose sanctions on its Members if necessary.

When it is deemed that a Member has fallen outside the boundaries of the CAI Codes of Practice, they will be instructed to correct the areas that have been identified.

The CAI will monitor the complaint to ensure that the defects are rectified. The Member company will then be asked to confirm to the CAI that this has been done, within the pre-determined timescale that will have been set. The CAI will then check with the customer to ensure that they are now satisfied.

Depending on the severity of the complaint, the installer may be asked to take the appropriate training and/or have their membership reviewed. A CAI Member who fails to rectify work or to carry out the necessary training will be removed from membership and will no longer be authorised to use the CAI logo.

When does an Estimate become a Quotation?
A subject that be-devils the aerial industry continually is the dispute that arises over

  • How much an installation should cost
  • How much is actually charged
  • At what point the customer was told it could cost the amount being invoiced

Clarifying the differences between estimates and quotations is not easy, but experience tells us that estimates are defined as ‘an approximate idea of cost’.

Various other definitions read along the lines of;

- Calculate roughly
- Submission of approximate price
- Considered opinion…

These infer that no contract is being entered into here, but merely an idea is being presented on how much the cost is likely to be.

Quotations on the other hand are much more commercially based decisions and usually a statement that names the current market price. This could even be a simple verbal agreement and would be accepted as a final commitment should it be legally tested.

How to make a complaint
If you have a complaint against a CAI Member please complete the CAI Complaint Form and send to the address below. Please note that all complaints will be fully investigated providing they are received in writing, we will not discuss, record or offer advice on complaints over the telephone, all complaints must be received in writing.  The CAI does not have the resources to respond to complaints made via email:

The Complaints Chairman
Confederation of Aerial Industries Limited
Communications House
41a Market Street
WD18 0PN

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CAI Complaint Form

All Complaints Against Non CAI Members
The CAI is unable to become involved in any complaints against a company that is not registered. If however, a company is not a Member of the CAI but is displaying the logo, the matter will be reported to the local trading standards office immediately. If you are unsure whether a company is a Member of the Confederation of Aerial Industries Limited, please check with the CAI office or see the A to Z of Installer Members.


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