Association For Audio Visual Professionals Vol. 14 No. 2 Autumn 2018 £ 4.95 Exclusive industry and technical updates CAI Member Discount on Training CAI Websites www.getmeviewing.org.uk www.cai.org.uk Scheme Operator Journal of the Discounts from industry partners such as Big ger and better for your business Industry-leading statistic s • TheAA hasmore of its ownpa trols than all otherUKbreakdownproviders combined 1 • In theUK, no one owns a bigg erfleet of breakdown vehicles • We attend over 3.5millionbreakdowns every year – equivalent to one every9 seconds 2 • We repair8 out of 10 vehicles at the roadside 3 • We complete repairs in 30minuteson average 4 • Our highly trainedpatrols haveover 32,000 yearsof combined experience 5 1. Mintel–UKVehicle recovery report,September2013. 2. AllAAAttendedBreakdownsOct12-Sep13. 3. BasedonAACaseRepairRateOct12–Sep2013. 4. Average ofAA arrive to complete timesOct 12 – Sep13. 5. Analysisof3.6mAAAttended Breakdowns,Oct 12 – Sep13 Award-winning service-provider • VotedNo.1providerbyWhich?Magazine2013 • 2013 FleetNewsAward Fleet Supplierof theYear • 2014BusinessCarVehicleRecovery Providerof theYear • 2014BusinessCarAccidentManagement Supplierof theYear • 2012BusinessCarMagazine Service Supplierof theYear • 2014BusinessCarRiskManagement Providerof theYear EST. 2004 080 Start Accepting Cards T Increase Your Sales In partneshipwith PreferentialRates ForCAIMemb & FreeStarterKit C M Y CM MY CY CMY K CAI Diploma is a Recognised Route to a CSCS Card.