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Safe Working at Heights with Ladders Training Providers

CAI have a number of carefully selected safely working at height providers that we have assessed to offer you the best training.  CAI endorse these providers, we do not run the courses ourselves.  Every year over 300 people die in ladder related accidents and thousands suffer disabling injuries.  The most common ladder accidents occur in males in the 15-64 age brackets, with 16.3% of those injuries being around the head area.  By taking the relevant safe working courses you will ensure that all of your employees are working safely and adhering to legislation. 

Undertake a course today or refresh your skills – this is one area that definitely requires the investment!

Apple Group Training

  • Richard Appleyard

  • T.1837

  • Building 3 City West Business Park
    Gelderd Road
    West Yorkshire
    LS12 6LN

  • 0800 052 9355

  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

County Safety Services Ltd T/A CSS Worksafe

  • Michelle Cox / Ian Luke

  • T.1264

  • Unit 1 Phase 3 Buntsford Park Road
    B60 3DX

  • 01527 873850

  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Fallstop Training Safety & Consultancy Ltd

  • Phil Bond

  • T.1925

  • Fallstop Training Safety & Consultancy Ltd
    Unit 14 Minden Road
    SM3 9PF

  • 07393 947544

  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Training Dates

External Training Providers Training Dates - Safe Working at Heights with Ladders

Our external training providers have informed CAI of the following training dates:

27 July 2023, Bromsgrove, CSS Worksafe

28 July 2023, Surrey, Fallstop

10 August 2023, Bromsgrove, CSS Worksafe 

11 August 2023, Leeds, Apple Group

11 August 2023, Surrey, Fallstop

24 August 2023, Bromsgrove, CSS Worksafe

25 August 2023, Surrey, Fallstop

31 August 2023, Leeds, Apple Group

7 September 2023, Bromsgrove, CSS Worksafe

11 September 2023, Leeds, Apple Group

15 September 2023, Surrey, Fallstop

21 September 2023, Bromsgrove, CSS Worksafe

29 September 2023, Leeds, Apple Group

29 September 2023, Surrey, Fallstop

6 October 2023, Leeds, Apple Group

12 October 2023, Bromsgrove, CSS Worksafe 

13 October 2023, Surrey, Fallstop

23 October 2023, Leeds, Apple Group

26 October 2023, Bromsgrove, CSS Worksafe

27 October 2023, Surrey, Fallstop

November 2023, Bromsgrove, CSS Worksafe

10 November 2023, Surrey, Fallstop

17 November 2023, Leeds, Apple Group

23 November 2023, Bromsgrove, CSS Worksafe

24 November 2023, Surrey, Fallstop

1 December 2023, Leeds, Apple Group

14 December 2023, Bromsgrove, CSS Worksafe

15 December 2023, Surrey, Fallstop

18 December 2023, Leeds, Apple Group

The above dates are subject to change and the course provider must be referred to your booking, course content and any further information required.