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CAI Academy

At a time of increasing change within our industry, training and education is essential if you want to keep abreast of the latest aerial and satellite technology, design and installation techniques.  CAI's intense programmes are designed to develop skills and competencies necessary to meet the demands of the aerial and systems installation industry.  The programmes we currently offer are listed below:


Please ensure each policy is read prior to booking training.


Successfully passing a CAI Training Course does not authorise use of CAI logo's or grant membership of CAI. Claims to membership is not permitted. Selected programmes have achieved City & Guilds Accreditation. These are not City & Guilds Qualifications and you will not be authorised to use the City & Guilds logo. Please note our training processes and systems have been Accredited, not the content of our programmes or CAI as an organisation.  You will receive a CAI training certificate which contains the City & Guilds Accredited Programme logo.


CAI welcomes applications from potential participants of all social and ethnic backgrounds. Its enrolment policy aims to promote equal opportunities, while at the same time selecting participants who have the ability and motivation to benefit from the courses that they intend to follow and who will make a contribution to the industry. To this end, in the spirit of the Equality Act 2005, CAI will undertake reasonable adjustments for qualified applicants with disabilities to enter CAI's Education and Skills Programme, in accordance with the provisions of the Act.  Any applicant who needs to report any disabilities to CAI should do so at the time of booking for the learning programme to be adapted and catered for your needs.