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CAI Coronavirus Advice and Update 23/03/2020

At this unprecedented time, we are working hard to establish some official advice or guidelines regarding the work you do.  However, in the meantime, we’d like to try to help as best we can.

We’ve published a link to the Government help for businesses page on our website, so you can easily research the policies put in place to help you at this difficult time. 

In terms of safe working and the types of jobs you undertake, we’d recommend the following, in advance of any formal guidance:

  • If you have any staff who can work from home, they should.
  • High risk staff, customers and suppliers could include those with compromised immune systems, those with conditions such as diabetes, cancer, chronic lung and cardiovascular disease, older people and pregnant women. Special care should be exercised for these groups and contact avoided.
  • Work should be restricted to external/outdoor as far as is possible.
  • Ensure staff are aware of all control measures and government guidance re distancing.
  • Ensure staff are equipped with the right additional PPE, including gloves, masks, hand sanitisers, anti-bac wipes and tissues/paper towels.
  • Contact domestic customers before a staff member arrives and ask covid 19 at risk questions regarding recent travel abroad of any household member and whether anyone in the household has had contact with anyone who has had a confirmed case of coronavirus, has been advised to self-isolate, or is awaiting test results. If none of these apply then you can undertake a visit. Warn customers that engineers may be using additional PPE such as masks and gloves. If the customer has travelled abroad in the last 2 weeks, or answers yes to any questions explain that the engineer cannot visit for 14 days.
  • Ensure staff maintain a distance of at least 2m from any members of the household.
  • Ensure staff wash/sanitise their hands on arrival and departure, and use anti-bac wipes on equipment they have touched, including remote controls.

We still feel that work to provide customers with access to Public Service Broadcasters, news and entertainment is important and should be completed when possible, especially if the customer does not have access to these services via alternate sources. We also feel that some work is far from essential and you should consider whether to undertake it.

This is a fast moving situation, as you’re all aware, and we will try to keep you updated with our recommended best practice and guidelines as often as possible.