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pdf Code of Conduct Download (pdf, 1.92 MB)
pdf COP 01 - Installation of Terrestrial & Satellite TV Reception Systems (MDU & Commercial) Download (pdf, 871 KB)
pdf COP 02 - Aerials, Antennas and Receiving Equipment in the Single Dwelling Unit Download (pdf, 2.55 MB)
pdf COP 03 - Electrical Safety Requirements for Signal Reception Systems (Excluding CATV) Download (pdf, 2.46 MB)
pdf COP 04 - Installation of Home Networks Download (pdf, 3.82 MB)
pdf COP 06 - Dealing with interference caused by signal generation into TV, Radio & Satellite Download (pdf, 2.10 MB)
pdf Guidelines on Safe Operating Procedures Download (pdf, 3.13 MB)
pdf Health & Safety in the Signal Reception & Networks Industries Download (pdf, 4.35 MB)
pdf Memorandum and Articles Download (pdf, 214 KB)
pdf Rules and Regulations of Membership Download (pdf, 1.93 MB)