document Safe Working at Heights Refresher Document

Safe Working at Heights Refresher Document

Moving forward the form attached details the exact images that we need for self-assessment of working at height.

It’s not a rigid form you need to feel you have to complete in every detail. For example a picture of your kit laid out will satisfy 1.3 without filling in the table. Same applies to sections 3. What we are primarily looking for is evidence of competence in all the main areas of fall restraint using ladders from your putting the ladders in position to climbing them – roof ladder included – to reach work position at a chimney.

So however you want to achieve that is fine by us.  I would suggest as a minimum, pics of:

1. All fall restraint kit laid out
2. The ladder stabilised against a wall – with rope attached
3. Starting to climb – with harness / lanyard / rope grab all in operation
4. The changeover from ladder to roof ladder – showing roof ladder ‘fixed’

The rest should be self-explanatory but as long as we see a sequence of pictures that make sense – that will be fine.