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DTT & Freeview Updates

The latest mux slide, supplied courtesy of Indigo Associates, can be DOWNLOADED HERE

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DTT Changes 1st July 2021

1st July 2021

Latest updated Freeview DTT mux slide reflects two changes made today:

  • 5SELECT on LCN55 has now moved from the SDN/COM4 mux to the BBC B/PSB3 mux.  As a result this service will now only be available to viewers with Freeview HD equipment, consistent with BBC B being a DVB-T2 mux whereas SDN is DVB-T providing SD only services.  Note that 5SELECT is not an HD service and will continue until further notice in SD on the BBC mux.
  • 365 Travel, the streaming online service at LCN251 has ceased broadcasting and is no longer be available on Freeview.

DTT Changes 22nd June 2021

22nd June 2021

Latest updated Freeview DTT mux slide reflects the following changes made earlier today:

  • Shopping Quarter at LCN72 has moved from the BBC-B HD mux (PSB 3) to the Arqiva B mux (COM6).  This means that viewers who do not have HD equipment will now be able to view this service.
  • That's TV Gold has launched with a 'Coming Soon' on screen slate at LCN91 on the Arqiva C (COM 7) temporary HD mux.  This is pending content being launched at a later date yet to be confirmed.
  • Court TV recently closed and the message for this and the LCN89 was removed from the TV Guide (EPG) and Channel lists.

Freeview advise viewers will need to retune to update their equipment to capture these changes.  However some later products will adopt them automatically.

DTT Changes 25th May 2021

25th May 2021

All Sony general entertainment channels rebranded to GREAT!

The specific changes are as below and represented in the latest updated DTT multiplex slide:

  • LCN33 changed from Sony Movies to GREAT! movies.
  • LCN41 changed from Sony Movies Action to GREAT! movies action.
  • LCN49 changed fron Sony Channel to GREAT! tv.
  • LCN51 changed from Sony Movies Classic to GREAT! movies classic.
  • LCN60 changed from Sony Movies+1 to GREAT! movies+1.
  • LCN61 changed from Sony Channel+1 to GREAT! tv+1.
  • LCN62 changed from Sony Movies Classic+1 to GREAT! movies classic+1

Freeview advise viewers will need to retune to update their TV equipment channel lists and EPGs up to date.  However some newer products will automatically adopt the changes.

There will be no changes to content, broadcast hours or coverage for any of the above channels.

DTT Changes 29th April 2021

29th April 2021

Please find attached an updated Freeview DTT multiplex slide to reflect the changes below made on 28 April:

  • Now 80’s has moved to LCN75 on the GMan Local Mux serving Greater Manchester
  • Now 70’s has moved to LCN76 on the COM7/Arq C mux.
    • As a result of the above moves, there will be changes to coverage.  Now 80s will no longer be available outside of the Manchester area , while for Now 70’s will have increased coverage for homes receiving the temp HD mux COM7 and beyond its previous Manchester only coverage.
  • GB News has been placed at LCN236 on the Arq B/COM6 mux.
    • It has launched with a ‘coming soon’ slate message, pending a later content launch date to be confirmed.

Freeview advises viewers will need to retune to update their DTT TV equipment and keep the channel lists and TV guide up to date. However, some newer equipment will capture the changes automatically.

This information was supplied courtesy of Indigo Associates.

DTT Changes 15th February 2021

15th February 2021

The updated Freeview DTT mux slide to reflect the following: 

  • New service COURT TV has launched today (15.02.2021) at LCN89 on the COM7/ARQ C temporary HD mux
  • TOGETHER TV+1 at LCN83 on COM7/ARQ C closing down – essentially making space for the launch of COURT TV at LCN89 as referenced above

 Those homes receiving this mux may need to retune their product to ensure their EPG and Channel Lists adopt this change.

This information was supplied courtesy of Indigo Associates.

DTT Changes 1st February 2021

1st February 2021

The updated Freeview DTT mux slide reflects a service name change and a number of LCN (logical LCN number) changes made 1st February 2021 as below:

Service name change 

  • At LCN73 ( COM4/SDN mux) CCXTV changed to Drama+1

 LCN number change

  • Now 70s (G-Man /Local Manchester mux) has moved from LCN78 to LCN75.
  • Now 80s (COM7/ Arq C temp HD mux) has moved from LCN83 to LCN76.
  • Now 90s (G-Man /Local Manchester mux) has moved from LCN84 to LCN78.
  • Clubland TV (G-Man /Local Manchester mux) has moved from LCN82 to LCN79.
  • Together TV (COM5/Arq A) has moved from LCN87 to LCN82.
  • Together TV+1 (COM7/ Arq C temp HD mux) has moved from LCN88 to LCN83.
  • PBS America (COM6/Arq B) has moved from LCN91 to LCN84.
  • PBS America+1 (COM7/ Arq C temp HD mux) has moved from LCN93 to LCN87.
  • Country Music Entertainment (G-Man /Local Manchester mux) has moved from LCN98 to LCN88.

Viewers receiving the related muxes above, may need to retune especially on older Freeview TV equipment to apply the changes.

This information was supplied courtesy of Indigo Associates.

DTT Changes 7th December 2020

7th December 2020

The updated Freeview DTT mux slide reflects the 7th December 2020 changes

Some channels made updates including LCN (logical channel number) moves. 

Freeview advise viewers need to retune to update their TV equipment and keep the channels and TV Guide up to date. However some newer models will automatically adopt the changes.

  • Dave Ja Vu moved from LCN79 to LCN23
  • Yesterday+1moved from LCN75 to LCN74
  • CCX TV moved from LCN23 to LCN73
  • Jewellery Maker moved from LCN 73 to LCN 71
  • Shopping Quarter moved from LCN 74 to LCN72 

Other changes

  • Ketchup Channel has been renamed as Ketchup TV 

There will be no changes to broadcast hours or content.

This information was supplied courtesy of Indigo Associates.

DTT Changes 12th November 2020

12th November 2020

The 12th November 2020  Freeview DTT mux slide reflects the small seasonal changes made:

The following services are changing their names and content:

  • Now 80s at LCN83 on COM7/ARQC temp HD mux has changed to Now Xmas
  • Now 90s at LCN84 on the G-Man mux (serving Greater Manchester homes only) has changed to Now 80s

Both of these services will be playing nonstop Christmas music from 12 November until the New Year

  • Viewers receiving local TV operated by That’s TV on either LCN7 or LCN8 via the COMUX/Local mux will see a new service name ‘That’s TV Christmas’

There will be no change to the broadcast hours for this service.

This information was supplied courtesy of Indigo Associates.

DTT Changes 24th September 2020

24th September 2020

  • ​​Sony Movies Classic on LCN 50 (COMUX/LOCALmux) changes to Sony Movies Christmas.
  • Sony Movies Classic +1 on LCN 62 (G-MAN mux - Greater Manchester only) will be changing to Sony Movies Christmas +1

Viewers receiving these two muxes may need to retune to update their TV equipment to keep their channels and TV Guide up to date.

This information was supplied courtesy of Indigo Associates.

DTT Changes 17th September 2020

17th September 2020

  • Sky Arts has launched on LCN 11 (COM5/ARQ A mux) the former home for Pick TV. Sky Arts plans to bring together the best of theatre, music and art in Britain. Sky Arts will also be on the Freeview Play broadband service;
  • Pick TV has moved from LCN11 to LCN34 (COM5/ARQ A mux);
  • Merit formerly on LCN34 (COM7/ARQ C mux) has now closed;
  • Pick+1 formerly on LCN92 (COM7/ARQ C mux) has also ceased broadcasting;
  • BBC Four Scotland has moved from LCN68 to LCN55, (PSB3/BBC B mux);
  • Smithsonian has moved from LCN57 to LCN56 (COM5/ARQ A mux);
  • Together TV has moved form LCN88 to LCN87 (COM5/ARQ A mux);
  • Together TV+1 has moved from LCN89 to LCN87 (COM7/ARQ C mux);
  • There is also a new Accessible TV Guide operating at LCN555 (PSB2/D3&4 mux).
This information was supplied courtesy of Indigo Associates.

DTT Changes 29th July 2020

29th July 2020

  • LCN34 - Merit begins broadcasting (2100-0000) and has moved from COM4/SDN to COM7.
  • LCN 89 TogetherTV+1 goes off air between 2100-0000to make way for Merit on COM7.
  • LCN 98 –NEW Country Music Entertainment (G_MAN)Manchester only
  • LCN 211 – Ketchup following demerge from YAAAS! 
  • LCN 212 – Yaaas!relaunches as a standalone service.
This information was supplied courtesy of Indigo Associates.

DTT Changes 8th July 2020

8th July 2020

LCN34 – NEW Merit launched (COM4/SDN mux) providing evenings only home and garden programmes
LCN58 – ITV3+1 has moved from LCN34 (COM4/SDN mux)
LCN78 – Reintroduced Now 70s in the Manchester area only (G-MAN mux)
LCN97 – ITVBe+1 has moved from LCN58 (COM4/SDN mux)

This information was supplied courtesy of Indigo Associates.

DTT Changes 30th June 2020

30th June 2020

LCN 23 – CCXTV moved from COM5/ArqA mux to COM4/SDN mux.
LCN 78 – REMOVED: NOW 70s from COM5/ArqA mux.
LCN 85 – Hochanda moved from COM4/SDN mux to COM5/ArqA mux.
LCN 94 – NEW: Ideal Extra (Local/COMUX) received by some homes only.
LCN 681 – REMOVED: ADULT Studio 66 [old version] from COM4/SDN mux.
COM8 multiplex signal switched off at all previously serving transmitters.

This information was supplied courtesy of Indigo Associates.

DTT Changes 26th May 2020

26th May 2020

  • NOW 70s has closed on Freeview LCN78. (COM5-ArqA multiplex)
  • Together has resumed normal broadcast hours still at LCN88 (COM5-ArqA multiplex)

Also please be aware that 4Music and 4seven will end dual transmission on old and new Freeview multiplex frequencies tomorrow 27 May.  They will only be available at on the COM5-Arq A multiplex at LCN29 and LCN47.

This information was supplied courtesy of Indigo Associates.

Freeview retunes for 2020 announced

Further Freeview retune dates have been confirmed for parts of England, Wales, Isle of Man and Northern Ireland in 2020.

The additional retunes are part of the final stages of a scheme to clear some of the airwaves which are being auctioned off next year for future 5G mobile services, with the latest set of dates having just been confirmed by Freeview.

Affected viewers will need to retune Freeview or YouView TVs and set-top-boxes if they lose channels on the relevant regional retune date.

In Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, most of the region's main TV transmitters will undergo frequency changes on the 5th February 2020, some relays will see changes a week later on the 12th February. In East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, an additional retune will take place on the 4th March 2020 due to frequency co-ordination with the East Midlands.

In the East Midlands TV region, viewers will need to retune on the 4th March 2020. For many viewers, this will mean changes to the frequencies for all the main TV channels, including BBC One East Midlands and ITV Central East.

For viewers in the North West of England - historically known as the ITV Granada region - changes will occur in two stages - 19th February and 22nd April 2020 when broadcasts from the Winter Hill transmitter and many relays change.

Across in North East Wales, the Moel-Y-Parc transmitter will change on the 22nd April 2020, in co-ordination with events in North West England.

In Northern Ireland, a frequency change takes place at the Divis transmitter, above Belfast on the 4th March 2020, co-ordinated with changes taking place over the border in the Republic of Ireland on the same day, when services across the island of Ireland will be cleared for future 5G mobile services.

Viewers in the western part of the Anglia region, in parts of Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire and eastern areas of Buckinghamshire will be affected by frequency changes on 12th February 2020.

On the Isle of Man, transmitters will be switched to new frequencies on 29th April 2020, once other frequency changes have been completed around the edges of the Irish Sea.

Some viewers in the Lake District will also be affected during April, when a number of relays will be switched.

Viewers are being advised to look out for on-screen messages to remind them of the impending changes. Satellite, cable and internet TV viewers are not affected.

On each regional retune day, Freeview channels are subject to being off-air overnight as engineering work takes place at the transmitters. By breakfast time, most viewers will be able to retune to restore channels. Relays will be up and running by the afternoon.

For a detailed view of the retune days, please visit the RXTV log regional retune days page.

  • Did you know? When retuning older TVs, a 'first time installation' or 'factory reset' may be required to wipe all lost channels on old frequencies. The 'add channels' option is not to be used to restore existing channels. Freeview has published videos explaining how to retune many common brands of devices on its website.
  • Further assistance for viewers affected by the changes is available at:   https://www.freeview.co.uk/help/tv-changes

Freeview Changes 19 & 20 November 2019

Freeview DTT changes that have been made in Q4 Issued November 2019.  Updated Freeview DTT mux, covers changes to 19 and 20 November as outlined below:

20 November 2019
LCN 68 (Scotland only) - BBC Four has moved from LCN75 (PSB1-BBC A)
LCN 75 (Scotland only) - relabelled 'BBC Four has moved'  - with an information slate (PSB1-BBC A)
LCN 72 - Quest Red+1 has moved from LCN78 (COM7/ARQ C)
LCN 83 - NOW 80s  has become NOW Xmas (COM8/ ARQ D)
LCN 88 - Together TV has moved from LCN 89 (COM5-ARQ A)
LCN 89 - Together TV+1 has moved from LCN 93 (COM8 / ARD D)
LCN 91 - PBS America has moved from COM8/ ARQ D to COM6-Arqiva B with new broadcast hours 1300-2300 and now available in more homes.
LCN 93 -  PBS America+1 has launched on COM8/ARQ D

19 November 2019
Viewers who haven't retuned since 14 November  lost E4+1 as of 1200 GMT. They can retune to reinstate the service at LCN28 on its new mux PSB2/D3-4

700MHz Clearance Retune Events Q4 2019

Detailed regional information for channel providers, installers and industry, including UHF channel changes, is available also at the link. These documents will be updated as further information is released.

Some transmitter groups will have multiple retunes between now and mid-2020 as airwaves are released in stages.

The full briefing from Digital UK can be download at the following link: - Freeview Clearance Events in 2019