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DTT & Freeview Updates

The latest mux slide, supplied courtesy of Indigo Associates, can be DOWNLOADED HERE

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DTT Changes 13 April 2022

Updated Freeview DTT Multiplex Slide with two changes made today 13 April as below:

  • LCN237 TalkTV on SDN/COM4 added to Channel list and EPG in readiness for launch of service on 25 April 2022
  • LCN92 That’s Music launched on Arq/C /COM7 temporary HD mux as pop-up service in vacated Russian RT capacity until the end of June 2022.

DTT Changes 28 March 2022

28 March 2022

  • LCN 25 on the COM6/Arq B mux Dave Ja Vu is replaced by UKTV’s new service ‘W’.
  • LCN 60 Drama+1 launches on the COM5/Arq A mux.
  • LCN 74 Drama+1 on the COM4/SDN mux is replaced by Dave Ja Vu.
  • LCN 83 Together moves from the COM5/Arq A mux to the COM7/Arq C temporary HD mux. As a result, coverage will be reduced for this service. This is a temporary step pending later changes to the network.
  • LCN 89 ITV4+1 moves from LCN 60 on the same COM4/SDN mux.
  • LCN 94 Ideal Extra closes on the COMUX/LOCAL mux
  • LCN 104 in Wales only S4C HD moves from LCN 110 on the same [PSB3/BBCB] mux.
  • LCN 110 in Wales only 4 HD moves from LCN 104 on the same [PSB3/BBCB] mux.
  • LCN 272 Asharq News a new Arabic broadband streamed channel launches on COM4/SDN mux.
  • LCN 273 Al Arabiya a new Arabic broadband streamed channel launches on COM4/SDN mux
  • LCN 678 Adult Xpanded TV moves from the COM5/Arq A mux to COM6/Arq B mux .

18th March 2022

  • LCN 113 on the COM7/Arq C temporary HD mux RT HD was removed following licence revocation.
  • LCN 234 on the COM6/Arq B mux RT SD was removed following licence revocation.

2nd March 2022

  • LCN 113 on the COM7/Arq C temporary HD mux the RT HD distribution chain feed was terminated. 
  • LCN 234 on the COM6/Arq B mux the RT SD distribution chain feed was terminated. 

DTT Changes 16th February 2022

This covers changes made to the service line up on 16 February and follows the recent takeover of Create & Craft by Hochanda Global :

  • The Craft Store at LCN85 on the COM5/Arqiva A mux is now Create & Craft.
  • Create & Craft at LCN95 on the COM4/SDN mux is now Craft Extra.

 Gemporia, the owner of another shopping channel has also taken the opportunity to rebrand its service as follows:

  • Shopping Quarter at LCN73 on the COM6/Arqiva B mux is now HobbyMaker.

In summary, there are only name changes and no moves of LCNs or muxes for these services. The broadcast hours remain the same too.

Freeview advises that viewers need to retune their TV equipment to keep their service lists and EPGs up to date. However, many newer products will adopt the above changes automatically.

DTT Changes 4th January 2022

Freeview DTT multiplex slide that reflects removal of Christmas services and restoration of original service names, plus some other changes and closures made in December as below:

4th January 2022

  • LCN51 on COMUX/Local Mux: GREAT! Movies Christmas reverts to GREAT! Movies Classic 
  • LCN62 on G_MAN Mux serving Manchester only: GREAT! Movies Xmas+1 goes back to GREAT! Movies Classic+1. 

31st December 2021

  • LCN7 and LCN8 (depending on region) on COMUX/Local Mux: reverted to That's TV from That's TV Xmas
  • LCN91 on COM7 /Arqiva C (temporary HD mux): That’s TV Xmas UK returned to That’s TV Gold 

28th December 2021

  • LCN 76 on COM7 /Arqiva C (temporary HD mux): NOW XMAS became NOW 80s
  • LCN78 on G_MAN Mux serving Manchester only: NOW 80s became NOW 90s. 

15th December 2021

  • LCN97 on G_MAN Mux serving Manchester only: OD365TV added to EPG.
  • LCN99 on G_MAN Mux serving Manchester only: Manchester TV removed. The service has closed and is no longer available.
  • LCN679 on COM6/Arqiva B mux: Adult Studio 66 removed after broadcasts ceased on 30/11/21
  • LCN680 on COM4/SDN mux Not Wales:Adult Xpanded 2 removed. Follows service previously promoting a move to a streaming service via compatible SMART devices earlier in the month.

DTT Changes 18th November 2021

18th November 2021

Latest updated Freeview DTT mux slide to reflect the following seasonal changes that came into play from 18th November 2021 until further notice:

  • Now 80s at LCN 76 on the COM7 /Arqiva C temporary HD mux changed to Now Christmas
  • Now 90s at LCN 78 on the G Man local mux serving Greater Manchester only changed to Now 80’s
  • That’s TV local TV services at LCN 7 and LCN 8 on the COMUX /Local mux became That’s Xmas
  • That’s TV Gold at LCN 91 on the COM7 /Arqiva C temporary HD mux has changed to That’s TV Xmas UK

There are no multiplex moves and no changes to broadcast hours.

Freeview advise viewers to retune their TV equipment to ensure their service listings and electronic programme guides (EPGs), however some more recent models will update automatically.