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Transmitter Changes - Wales, 14 November

Following a decision by Ofcom, spectrum in the 700MHz UHF band currently used for digital terrestrial television (DTT) is being reallocated for the development of future mobile services. Some DTT multiplexes will be moving to new broadcast frequencies as a result of this change.

Engineering work for the 700MHz Clearance Programme will take place on Wednesday 14 November. Freeview viewers (and those with other services that use Freeview channels, such as YouView) will need to retune their TV equipment when changes take place in their area.  Details of the changes to transmitters and clearance event can be viewed on the following link - https://cai.org.uk/index.php/contact/downloads/trade-technical-material/143-wales-transmitter-changes-14-nov-2018.

Note: Where multiplexes are moving we have included the current and future aerial group required to receive Freeview services. Digital UK recommends installers fitting new aerials use a wideband model where possible to accommodate future changes to broadcast frequencies.

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