Freeview Changes 19 & 20 November 2019

Freeview DTT changes that have been made in Q4 Issued November 2019.  Updated Freeview DTT mux, covers changes to 19 and 20 November as outlined below:

20 November 2019
LCN 68 (Scotland only) - BBC Four has moved from LCN75 (PSB1-BBC A)
LCN 75 (Scotland only) - relabelled 'BBC Four has moved'  - with an information slate (PSB1-BBC A)
LCN 72 - Quest Red+1 has moved from LCN78 (COM7/ARQ C)
LCN 83 - NOW 80s  has become NOW Xmas (COM8/ ARQ D)
LCN 88 - Together TV has moved from LCN 89 (COM5-ARQ A)
LCN 89 - Together TV+1 has moved from LCN 93 (COM8 / ARD D)
LCN 91 - PBS America has moved from COM8/ ARQ D to COM6-Arqiva B with new broadcast hours 1300-2300 and now available in more homes.
LCN 93 -  PBS America+1 has launched on COM8/ARQ D

19 November 2019
Viewers who haven't retuned since 14 November  lost E4+1 as of 1200 GMT. They can retune to reinstate the service at LCN28 on its new mux PSB2/D3-4

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