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CAI Testimonials

DMSL & at800

'All DMSL engineers use CAI compliant and benchmarked replacement aerials and cabling to ensure quality.  CAI's website for trade and industry is a useful source of information about equipment and standards for our engineers. It is also a good place for them to keep up with industry developments as well as making new contacts in the industry.'

Ben Roome, CEO, Digital Mobile Spectrum Ltd


'Freeview is confident that viewers are being ably supported when it needs a reputable and competent aerial service.  The Freeview link to CAI’s ‘Getmeviewing’ website is proving to be a solid referral point.'

Owen Jenkinson, Marketing DirectorFreeview


'CAI’s ‘getmeviewing’ and ‘tradegateway’ websites are really good.  The ‘getmeviewing’ consumer website benefits from very easy navigation and all the wording is set at the right level for a consumer to understand exactly what they need to know.  RETRA fully endorse CAI and the valuable work they do in the industry.'

Howard Saycell, CEO, Retra


'TrustMark is pleased to see one of its Scheme Operators, taking the initiative to set up two websites – one for trade members and the other for consumers.  Whereas it is vital to keep industry members up to date with developments within the industry, it is equally important to provide non-technical, jargon free information and guidance for consumers.  Well done CAI!'

Ray Ferris, FCMI, Head of Compliance & Standards, TrustMark