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| NEWS | Digital UK becomes "Everyone TV"

EVERYONE TV is born today, the new name for Digital UK, the organisation that brings free British television to everyone and the platform operator of Freeview, the biggest platform in the UK, and of its satellite twin, Freesat.

Owned by the UK’s leading public service broadcasters, the change in name reflects a revised mandate for the organisation: to lead the evolution of free, universal, high-quality television, in a way that protects and strengthens the social glue provided by Britain’s broadcasting heritage.

From today, Everyone TV, a name that reflects the vital importance of cherishing the universal nature of television, will guide Britain into a new era where audiences can still watch their favourite PSB TV shows without charge whatever platform they choose.

Freeview and Freesat, which together offer 100% coverage of the nation and serve 18 million British homes, will retain their consumer brand identities. But the overarching company now has a name that underlines its mission to 'champion free TV for all', serving every British household in a bid to safeguard the nation's shared love of unifying, magical television moments.

To herald the next chapter in the company's history, there will be a new top-tier of Directors at Everyone TV under CEO Jonathan Thompson. 

Jonathan Thompson, CEO of Digital UK, said: "Among our tasks in the years ahead is defusing a threat to universality that could catch the industry by surprise. From the Queen’s funeral to the victorious England women’s football team, shared moments of sorrow and joy, drama and poignancy, are currently brought into every British home simultaneously by our world-leading television industry. But that could be lost in a fragmented future world of TV viewing. We at Everyone TV will lead the evolution of free television services in the UK so that universality - in all senses of the word - remains a fundamental principle."

Digital UK was founded in 2005 by the broadcasters and transmission companies of Britain with the purpose of masterminding the switchover from the analogue aerial system that had brought television into our homes since the first days of BBC TV in the 1930s to the Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) that we use today.

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