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| NEWS | Freesat 4K box gremlin causes signal loss - How to resolve

Owners of a Freesat 4K box could face a major problem if they reset their box.  Freesat says it has become aware of a problem if viewers reset their 4K box: it can result in the complete loss of satellite signal. This means viewers can’t receive any channels.  This only affects viewers using Freesat’s most recent series of receivers, manufactured by CommScope. These went on the market in early 2020 and are sold by all major electrical retailers.  However, older Freesat boxes, manufactured by Humax aren’t affected. Anyone needing to reset their Manhattan Freesat box or TV with built-in Freesat are also not affected by this gremlin.

How to resolve the Freesat 4K box problem
Freesat is advising its customers to take the following steps if they lose TV channels after resetting their 4K box:

  1. On your remote control press “Home”
  2. Select “Settings”
  3. Select “Freesat Channels”
  4. Select “Channel Scan”
  5. Select “Begin Channel Scan”
    During the Signal Test, the LNB type should be identified;
  6. Select “Proceed to Set Up Your Channels”
  7. Enter your postcode
    A channel search should restore channels and resolve the issue.

But if these steps don’t resolve the issue, Freesat says you should contact its customer service team for further support.

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