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| NEWS | Lobby your local MP - Developers and TV Systems

In order to help us lobby Government and Ofcom to try to stop building developers from de-specifying TV Systems from new developments, we’d like as many members as possible to lobby their local MP on this matter. This has proved an effective means of opening channels of communication in the past, so we’re keen to try again.

In order to help this, we’ve prepared a letter template that you can adapt and send to your local MP. You can include an example of a local development that you know has no TV system being installed – the part that’s current in italics, or remove that section if you don’t want to give a specific example.

This template is available to download on the CAI Website at

Thanks very much, in advance, for your help with this.  If there is anyone else that you would like to pass this onto, please help spread the word.

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