European IRS Certification Scheme (EICS)

20552 EIRSCS Logo FINAL Nov2020DTG Testing and CAI have launched a European-wide assurance scheme for TV and Satellite distribution equipment known as the European IRS Certification Scheme (EICS). The first scheme of its kind, it will provide reassurance of end-to-end device compatibility, interoperability and robust RF performance within satellite and DTT distribution systems.

The scheme has been developed through an industry collaboration of satellite and DTT platforms, major equipment manufacturers, and led by industry associations DTG and CAI. It consists of a test specification underpinned by international standards and a consumer-facing logo. Manufacturers of equipment such as receivers, dSCRs, multi switches, fibre gateways, launch amplifiers and LNBs can display the logo on their products after successfully passing the required tests.

EICS Process:

Manufacturers submit products to DTG for testing against the latest EICS Specification.  DTG Testing inform CAI of products that meet the relevant standards, CAI send the manufacturer the Certificate of conformance, electronically, and record details of the product on the published list.  The manufacturer can then advertise that the product has met the EICS Standards and apply stickers (available on request) to current stock, as long as the EICS Brand Guidelines are met.

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EICS brand guidelines

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