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Foundation Diploma in Signal Reception

The Foundation Diploma in Signal Receiption is your gateway to obtaining a CSCS Skills card. This page provides information as to why you need the card, its cost and how to enroll on the diploma course.

Why is a CSCS card needed?

To work on construction sites and be compliant with CSCS rules. A skills card shows the holder has the necessary skills, experience and health & safety knowledge to be allowed to work on construction sites. Through the Foundation Diploma, CAI offer a straightforward route to route to obtaining the card and qualification.  

If I have the Foundation Diploma, which CSCS card will I get?

You will receive a blue CSCS Skills card.

How much does the Foundation Level Diploma cost? 

Depending on the engineers experience and the qualifications already obtained, the cost will vary. Download CAI's Foundation Level Diploma in Signal Reception 'Qualification Requirements' which provides information on the evidence needed. A cost list for some of the elements that go towards the Foundation Level Diploma are:

Course / Evidence Description   Member   Non-Member
Electrical Safety for Signal Reception Systems   £250.00   £355.00
Work Based Assessment  (on-site)   £200.00   £400.00
Work Based Assessment  (evidence submission)   £150.00   £300.00
Safe Working at Height Refresher  (if needed)         £70.00         £140.00
Basic Aerial & Satellite Installation   £595.00   £860.00
Basic Home Networking & Connectivity   £250.00   £355.00
Essential Principles for Installers   £365.00   £500.00
Fibre Optics in Signal Distribution   £365.00   £500.00
IRS Networks Stage 1   £365.00   £500.00

How do I enrol onto CAI's Foundation Level Diploma in Signal Reception?

Please contact Amanda Ward on 01923 803030 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.