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Foundation Diploma in Signal Reception

Recent difficulties relayed to the CAI regarding obtaining CSCS cards for site work drove us into contacting CSCS for a defining statement on the matter as it seems to be an ever perplexing issue.  Members still find it hard to undergo the process necessary to prove competence for a skills card.  This is also a forewarning that if you cross construction site boundaries and have so far managed to do so without being asked to produce a skills card then there is every chance you will soon be caught out.  It is proving more and more essential that workers from all trades prove their competence and will be asked do so by being qualified in the work they do.

A route of entry was agreed with CSCS a while ago once the NVQ proved too difficult to find locally and to quote their Schemes Co-ordinator; 'The Assessed Route of Entry and in order to gain this, applicants must have achieved the CAI Foundation Level Diploma in Signal Reception'.

Mandatory Requirements
All those who need to obtain the diploma need to supply the CAI with a valid safe working at height certificate and need to attend the CAI Making the Bond Training Course.  Dates for the Making the Bond can be viewed here.

Under 2 years in the trade
Any of those who have under 2 years experience in the trade need to have attended 2 of the following courses:
Basic Aerial & Satellite Installation (as this course used to be 2 separate courses, this would be classed as 2).  Dates for this course can be viewed here.
An Introduction to IRS.  Dates for this course can be viewed here.
Basic Home Networking & Connectivity.  Dates for this course can be viewed here.
Fibre Optics in Signal Distribution.  Dates for this course can be viewed here.

Over 2 years in the trade
Those who have been in the industry for over 2 years can go straight to the work based assessment side of things.

Work Based Assessment
All those who enrol onto the diploma will need to have a work based assessment completed by one of our assessment team (out on site working).  Alternatively ... Engineers with over 2 years' experience may well have evidence of competent work stored in managed files.  Most commercial projects generate a portfolio of evidence that proves the completed system is fully operational against the original job spec.  All this evidence could satisfy the parameters needed.  This could be submitted via a succession of emails or compiled onto a USB stick and mailed to the CAI office for assessment.

All costings on the diploma are below:

Course/Evidence Description xxxx Member xxx Non-Member
Making the Bond   £165.00   £250.00
Work Based Assessment (on-site)   £250.00   £400.00
Work Based Assessment (evidence submission)   £150.00   £300.00
Safe Working at Height Refresher (if needed)   £70.00   £140.00
Basic Aerial & Satellite Installation   £510.00   £765.00
Introduction to IRS   £255.00   £380.00
Basic Home Networking & Connectivity   £165.00   £250.00
Fibre Optics in Signal Distribution   £210.00   £315.00

Once the diploma has been obtained you must also pass the Working at Heights level Health, safety and environment test and they can then apply for the card.  Further information on the Working at Heights test and how to book can be found via the following link - http://www.citb.co.uk/hsandetest.

Which card to apply for?
Search for Aerial and Satellite Installer in the occupation field and then select Foundation Level Diploma in Signal Reception as your qualification.  This will enable you to apply for a Blue Skilled CSCS Card.

If you wish to enrol yourself or any of your engineers onto the CAI Foundation Level Diploma in Signal Reception please contact Amanda Ward on 01923 803030 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.