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Testimonials, Tutors & Locations


  • Will Tiffe on Making the Bond

    Very well delivered course, highly recommend.

  • Robert Screen on Making the Bond

    Very good course, impressed (learnt a lot as well as a refresher).  Recommend a re-visit in a few years when regulations get changed and to refresh.

  • Miquell Browne on Basic Aerial & Satellite Installation

    Tutor made the course enjoyable which meant I found it easier to learn.

  • Mike Kennedy on Basic Aerial & Satellite Installation

    The Basic Aerial & Satellite Installation is very well instructed and Kevin has great knowledge.

  • McKenzey Tomlin on Fibre Optics Stage 1

    Keith is a great tutor and makes sure everybody understands before moving on to the next task.  Great tutor.

  • Martin Jump on Fibre Optics Stage 2

    Enjoyed the course, learnt a huge amount.  Keith was a great tutor and will recommend to others.

  • Kenny Blackman on Making the Bond

    Keith was very patient and delivered the knowledge exceptionally well.

  • Kenny Blackman on Basic Aerial & Satellite Installation

    Kevin is an excellent tutor and puts the information across very clearly.

  • Joel Attwood on Basic Aerial & Satellite Installation

    Top marks for Kevin.  I left with lots more knowledge than I walked in with.  All good.

  • Jason Allen on Fibre Optics Stage 2

    The Fibre Optics in Signal Distribution Stage 2 is a thoroughly enjoyable course.  I would definately be recommending this to other installers for improving their fibre knowledge.

  • David Heath on Introduction to IRS Course

    Excellent course, very relevant to aid me in the repair and maintenance of IRS systems. I was able to put my new skills to use the very next day.

  • David Forrester on Making the Bond

    Great course with lots of great information.

  • Dave Hook on Introduction to Project Management

    The Introduction to Project Management course is a great opener to those who are looking at getting involved and gaining a sound understanding in what project management is all about.  The course has really helped me get involved in some brilliant projects at Sky and has given me the confidence to talk the talk and deliver some fantastic results.  I would highly recommend this course, even if you are not involved in any type of project work or you think it would not be beneficial  to what you do.  Whether you are a small business or part of a company that is as large as mine, I’m sure you will find something that will help you improve what you do.

  • Carl Francis on Basic Aerial & Satellite Installation

    Josh really enjoyed the course and has returned full of renewed confidence and enthusiasm.  Many thanks for your help and support and the professionalism of the CAI team.

  • Anthony McDade on Making the Bond

    Enjoyed the course very much.  Thanks

  • Andrew Snook on Fibre Optics Stage 1

    Very good course and a good induction to fibre.

  • Alan Burns on Making the Bond

    Really enjoyed the course and it opened my eyes to a few things.


CAI tutors assist with the writing of CAI's training courses and the delivery to the particpants. Each tutor has also contributed to the success of ten of our courses being City & Guilds Accredited Programmes.   

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Bob Calaz - CAI Tutor
Courses: Introduction to IRS

Bob is a Graduate Chartered Electrical Engineer with many years of experience in the TV broadcasting, reception and relay industry. He joined the Rediffusion Group of Companies in 1959 and was seconded to South Africa in 1970. Returning to the UK in 1985, he started Race Communications Ltd, a TV retail company in Sunningdale, Berkshire.  Bob has been personally responsible for the design and installation of TV systems throughout the world and has published and presented technical papers to many professional bodies. He is the author of CAI's book ‘An Introduction to Radio, TV and Satellite Reception’ and his latest publication is titled “Digital TV, Satellite and Multimedia”.  Although now semi-retired, he currently runs technical training courses for the industry.

Graeme Mayhew - CAI Tutor
Courses: Basic Home Networking and Connectivity 

Graeme is qualified to teach in the adult learning sector (PTTLS City & Guilds). Graeme has been in the industry for over 24 years, starting within the SMATV side of the industry maintaining & installing multiple channel TV distribution systems to Granada and Travelodges across the UK.  He then gained qualifications within the audio & lighting industry carrying out installations of large nightclub systems, such as Tiger Tiger, Haymarket & On and On in the Trocadero.  He then moved into the AV world gaining qualifications in distribution of audio & video, AV distribution over structured cabling networks & fibre optics.  Graeme’s goal is to help open the doors for aerial & satellite companies or individuals to venture into new areas of work, without worrying about the changes in technical knowledge. Graeme’s main role is a tutor for the Basic Home Networking & Connectivity.

Keith Bail - CAI Tutor
Courses: Fibre Optics in Signal Distribution

Keith was technically trained at Riversdale and Wigan College to HND/BTEC level and became a qualified BBC Broadcast Engineer at Evesham (ERTDR). Keith worked for various companies within the TV maintenance industry until joining the BBC in 1984, after which, he enjoyed a 6-year period of running his own retail, repair and installation business seeing the start of digital broadcasting. Keith joined Fracarro (UK) in 2005 as Technical Operations Manager and became the country Manager in 2006. Keith’s main role as a tutor is running CAI's Fibre Optic Technology course. Keith appeared on CAI's Board up until 2010.

Kevin Dawson - CAI Assessment & Technical Executive
Courses: Basic Aerial Installation and Basic Satellite Installation

Kevin has been with CAI since April 2001 and is the Assessment Executive responsible for assessing potential members as well as the existing member companies and ensuring that the Codes of Practice are being adhered to.  He also helps to deal with the many technical enquiries that CAI’s growing profile generates, as well as tutoring some of CAI’s basic training courses. Kevin is also in charge of auditing CAI’s aerial and cable Certification Schemes, and is Vice Chairman of CAI's Certification Committee. Kevin is also qualified to teach in the adult learning sector (PTTLS City & Guilds) and is also an A1/A2 assessor (City & Guilds). He is also a Fellow of the SCTE (The Society for Broadband Professionals).

Les Hampson - CAI Tutor & CAI Chairman
Courses: Making the Bond, SMATV & IRS Networks Design & Build and SMATV & IRS Distance Learning.

Les is a qualified teacher.  Les has been in the aerial and satellite industry since 1988 and has been a Director of CAI for many years and sits on both the Education and Skills Committee and the Technical Committee. Part of the Technical Committee’s responsibilities is the writing and updating of Codes of Practice and making sure the membership are informed of new technological changes within the industry.  Les’ main role as a tutor is running the distance learning course for IRS and SMATV Networks, although he also runs some of the other courses offered by CAI.

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