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at800 Weekly Industry Update - Let's be clear at 800

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Postcards now sent across the UK

We have now sent postcards to lots of cities, towns and areas across the UK. Viewers could only be affected by 4G at 800 MHz from approximately three weeks after receiving one of our postcards at their address.  Even then, there is only a very small possibility of disruption to Freeview. The areas we have sent postcards to can be seen online here

Retail and call centre training 

Everyone working in the consumer electronics industry, including retail staff, call centre employees and product helpline advisers, can now take advantage of convenient training in the issue of disruption to Freeview caused by 4G at 800 MHz and ways of coping with it.  The Registered Digital Institute (RDI) has designed online training courses to give people who work with the general public the knowledge and confidence to deal with questions. Successful participants will gain an RDI Blue Tick electronic certificate as a mark of proof of learning. They can then advise television viewers on 4G-relevant information and solving Freeview reception problems.  Read more here

Updates to Useful Guides

A wealth of new information for the industry and viewers is available on the at800 website. 

A 4G Filters Buying Guide explains the different types of filter available and how to ensure they have been approved. View it here.

Household Installation Without Amplifier sets out simple step-by-step instructions for installing a filter in homes where the antenna is connected directly to the TV or set-top box. Read it here.

Tips for viewers with indoor aerials which by their nature can be unreliable as a quality signal provider, they are far more susceptible to most forms of interference. This guide is engineered to help you solve these issues where possible. More info here.

8 Truths About the 4G Network explains the most important points of the interference issue in simple language and diagrams. View the infographic.

Preparing For 4G Interference is a guide for the trade. See it here.

Read more and view our other guides here


In the headlines: 

Millions to be warned of TV interference from 4G masts

Homes in Glasgow and Edinburgh are among those likely to be affected by the 4G interference issue, the Glasgow Herald reports as the at800 awareness campaign reaches north of the border. Read more on the Herald Scotland website

at800 updates estimate of likely impact of 4G at 800 MHz on Freeview

Read more on the CAI website.


FAQ of the week

I work for a local authority, how can I prepare?

If disruption to Freeview TV services is likely to happen in an area covered by your local authority, we will be in touch ahead of new 4G masts being switched on. We will write to your Chief Executive and the Director of Housing – if you have retained your housing stock. That way, your local authority will be aware of what is happening and what you may need to do before masts go live. Please visit our page for local authorities for further advice on how to prepare for the rollout of 4G at 800 MHz.

More FAQs at: https://at800.tv/faqs/


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