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Freesat SLA

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The CAI has formed a partnership with Freesat to allow all CAI plus members to obtain full use of the Freesat logo.  Each member must apply for a Freesat Service Level Agreement which can be done easily via email.  Applicants must agree to all Freesat brand guidelines.  We advise all members to only use the logo once full authorisation has been granted by Freesat. Details of how to obtain the Freesat logo is outlined in the Freesat Installer Brand Requirements document which can be found under the downloads section.

If you are a CAI member but wish to be upgraded to CAI plus we will need to receive the following for 50% of your engineers,

  • Basic Disclosure - Submitted to the CAI office within 12 months from date of issue and is valid 3 years.
  • Safe Working at Heights Certificate - Valid for 5 years from date of issue.
  • Insurance - Employers and Public Liability.

Are you a Freesat Intaller? Stay up to date with all things Freesat via their online Freesat Installers Hub. CAI members must log-in to view the link.
Freesat Installers Hub


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