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The ever increasing success on YouTube for CAI 4G/LTE seminar

The ever increasing hit count now stands at 3,450 views on Friday 6 December 2013 for the CAI YouTube 4G/LTE 'webinar'.  YouTube has proved to form a substantial share of moving picture and audio delivery into the home and the CAI has proved it could be an effective medium for passing on theoretical information to the trade where classroom learning is not essential. 

Obtain CAI Accredited 4G/LTE Status - Members Only

To become a CAI accredited 4G/LTE engineer download your accreditation test by CLICKING HERE and return your test paper to the CAI head office via post, fax or email.  To download the accreditation test you must be logged into the website.  If you do not have CAI online access please submit your information on the Request Member Login page of our website.

If you are not a member of the CAI and would like to become a CAI accredited 4G/LTE engineer then please CLICK HERE for details on joining the Confederation.

The CAI has a dedicated 4G download section for members where we'll be posting relevant documents.



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