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Tutors, Locations and Testimonials

CAI Tutors

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Kevin Dawson (CAI Assessment & Training Executive)
Kevin has been with the CAI since April 2001 and is largely responsible for assessing potential members as well as the existing member companies and ensuring that the Codes of Practice are being adhered to. He also helps to deal with the many technical enquiries that the CAI’s growing profile generates as well as tutoring some of the CAI’s basic training courses. Kevin is also in charge of auditing the CAI’s aerial and cable benchmarking schemes, and is Vice Chairman of the Education & Skills Committee. Kevin is also qualified to teach in the adult learning sector and is also an A1/A2 assessor.

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Keith Bail
Keith was technically trained at Riversdale and Wigan Colleges to HND/BTEC level, and then became a qualified BBC Broadcast Engineer at Evesham (ERTDR). Keith worked for various companies within the TV maintenance industry until joining the BBC in 1984, after which, he enjoyed a 6-year period of running his own retail, repair and installation business seeing the start of digital broadcasting. Keith joined Fracarro (UK) in 2005 as Technical Operations Manager and became the country Manager in 2006.  Keith’s main role as a tutor is running the CAI Fibre Optic Technology course. Keith appeared on the CAI Board up until 2010.

bob calaz

Bob Calaz
Bob is a Chartered Electrical Engineer with many years of experience in the TV broadcasting, reception and relay industry. He joined the Rediffusion Group of Companies in 1959 and was seconded to South Africa in 1970. Returning to the UK in 1985, he started Race Communications Ltd, a TV retail company in Sunningdale, Berkshire.

Bob has been personally responsible for the design and installation of TV systems throughout the world and has published and presented technical papers to many professional bodies. He is the author of the CAI book 'An Introduction to Radio, TV and Satellite Reception'. He currently runs technical training courses for the industry.

les hampson

Les Hampson
Les has been in the aerial and satellite industry since 1988 and has been a Director of the CAI for many years and sits on both the Education and Skills Committee and the Technical Committe. Part of the Technical Committee's responsibilities is the writing and updating of Codes of Practice and making sure the membership are informed of new technological changes within the industry.

Les’s main role as a tutor is running the City & Guild’s approved distance learning course for IRS and SMATV Networks, although he also runs some of the other courses offered by the CAI.

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Graeme Mayhew
Graeme’s main role as a tutor is running the CAI Home Networking & Connetivity - An Introduction course also with the CAI Fibre Optic Technology course.

CAI Training Locations

watford communications house genie cctv training location
Watford, Hertfordshire WD18 0PN Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire AL7 1LT
gower college training location h n storey training location snipped
Tycoch, Swansea SA2 9EB  Gateshead, Tyne & Wear NE11 0EH
DAS Training Location 1  
St. Albans, Hertfordshire AL3 6XT  

CAI Training Testimonials

If you ever wondered what students have thought about the training they have received?  Below are some of their testimonials:

Ben Beresford, Systems Designer, DAS Technology on the Fibre Optic Technology Course - Thanks to this training session I now feel that I have a fundamental knowledge of fibre and its uses in technology, which will undoubtedly aid in my work role when dealing with Fibre Systems Design & Install.

Branks Krneta, Enablement Technical & Quality Officer, Sky Homes on the Fibre Optic Technology Course - I enjoyed the day and the course was well set out and you managed to get a lot of information across in what really is a short space of time for what the subject entails.  As I said on the day, the purpose of my visit on the day was to assess the training provider (the CAI) for inclusion in Sky’s Fibre IRS specifications. Needless to say that the CAI will be included as there was never any doubt in regards to the standard and level of training you can supply to the industry, and your knowledge of the subject is second to none.

Richard Biddle, Aspire Defence Services Ltd on Practical Application of IRS Course - Very, very good course, extremely well presented & pitched.  Bob Calaz is a very knowledgable person who freely shared knowledge & experience gained through a long career.  I will keep learning as a result of a very sound base.

Mike Fisher, Hetra Media Ltd on the Making the Bond Course - What a great course, the ability to finally fully understand what earthing and bonding really means, how it should be implemented and how to interpret the legal requirements / implications has taken a great weight off my shoulders as this has been a hotly debated subject amongst our engineers for some time.  The training also included how to use test equipment to verify if an Earth connection is connected to the MET (Main Earth Terminal) and check / measure the Earth loop impedance, this is a tremendous benefit to us as in the past we have always had to pay a qualified electrician to verify our earth connections, now we have the confidence and ability to verify this for ourselves and produce a test certificate.  Not only have we been able to save money there is of course now the potential to use these skills to generate additional revenue.

Tim Dulson, Installation Engineer, Wandsworth Council on the Practical Application of IRS Course - I found the course extremely helpful in my understanding of IRS systems. There were a number of gaps in my knowledge of IRS which were covered in the course, which effectively dotted the I’s & crossed the T’s.  From a client perspective, I gained a far more in depth working knowledge of IRS & associated issues that may arise during the design, installation, or maintenance of IRS systems.  I would recommend this course without hesitation.  My only caveat being that some previous knowledge of IRS systems is recommended, prior to attending this course.

Karl Gasson on the Fibre Optic Technology Course - I found the course very well prepared and it matched my expectations quite closely.  A first for me with the fusion splicer, which was much easier than I expected.  A training day I’d happily recommend to anyone in the business.

David Heath of Aspire Defence Services Ltd on the Practical Application of IRS Course - Excellent course, very relevant to aid me in the repair & maintenance of IRS systems.  I was able to put my new skills to use the very next day.

Jim Munford of Phase Television Trade Servicing Ltd on the Making the Bond Course - Thank you for the “Making the Bond” course which I found very informative with a good balance of practical & theoretical content.  The course was given in a very informal & friendly way.  It answered a lot of nagging doubts as to when & where earthing is required.  As this is an extra service I can provide for my customers I'm now able to make a further small charge which helps with my bottom line.  I have already booked two aerial installations & been able to add this service.


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