Welcome to the Confederation of Aerial Industries Ltd – CAI

We are the UK’s representative trade association for businesses across the whole spectrum of delivering video, audio and data around the home and commercial properties. Formed in 1978 the Confederation represents installers, manufacturers, distributors & broadcast operators engaged in networking signals to all types of properties.  We are different from most trade bodies in that applicants for membership have to undergo an assessment to check they can achieve compliance to the CAI’s codes of practice & conduct which are recognised by broadcasters and government as best practice. By choosing a CAI member to advise or complete the work you require you are assured of competence & compliance. View the CAI's promotional video - An Overview of the CAI.

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  • Enhance or kick-start your career or business towards success with CAI training.
  • Locate approved installers near you via our online database or calling the CAI office.
  • Update your engineers certification with a refresher.
  • Visit at800 website for the latest 4G at 800MHz industry developments and consumer help.
  • Read about the latest updates from the aerial and satellite industry.
  • The end of analogue TV and a completed switch to digital has freed frequency spectrum that can be used for other services now that TV services make more economical use of what was purely TV transmission bandwidth.
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Apple Group Training join as a Consultant Member

It is with great pleasure we welcome Apple Group Training back into membership of the Confederation. Apple Group are a Health & Safety Consultant and Training Provider based in West Yorkshire. Full company contact information and services can be found on the following link, .

We would like to wish Richard, Hazel and all the Apple Group Training team all the very best for the future with their new company membership.

Welcoming Astrasat Ltd into Membership of the Confederation

Congratulations to Astrasat Ltd based in Eastbourne, East Sussex on their new membership with the CAI holding membership number C.1836. Full company contact information and services can be found on the following link, .

We would like to wish John and all the Astrasat team all the very best for the future with their new company membership.

New Industry Downloads - 27 Nov

Members-Home Buttons Styled Download SMALL  Local TV Line Up  - 27th November Update
Download Update Here
Members-Home Buttons Styled Download SMALL

Freeview Mux Listing - 29th September Update
Download Here

The updated Local TV mux slide reflects:

That's Solent launches new local TV service for Southampton and Portsmouth area

That's Solent, a new local TV channel covering the Southampton and Portsmouth area, went live from 8:15pm on Wednesday 26 November 2014.

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Elite Aerial Services Ltd joins forces with BBC One Programme DIY SOS

Following a Twitter post from BBC One Programme DIY SOS requesting assistance with finding an aerial installer for a project in the Swansea area, the CAI contacted our Welsh members for their help. We are delighted to confirm our member Elite Aerial Services Ltd will be taking part in the 'Big Build' helping deserving people in DIY Hell. Thank you to all those members that responded to our @DIYSOS post and email. Great to see so many CAI members willing to help out those in need. Feeling proud of all our members kindness.
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New Connectivity logo for CAI members

connected home logo 400pxCAI members who have evidence of competence in home networks will soon be able to make use of a new logo available to signpost the fact they are skilled in signal reception and broadband connectivity. The CAI has designed a new logo that members will be able to display on all promotional material and vehicle livery having proved competence in new home technology networks. There will be different colour and background options available to best match the logo application as well as a variety of strapline wordings that can accompany the logo depending on the level of qualification.

Members who have completed the CAI Basic Home Connectivity course will automatically qualify to use the new ‘tick’ logo - as will Foundation Diploma achievers who included basic connectivity in their diploma portfolio.

Members who are competent in home connectivity, but do not have a certificate to prove it, can opt to undertake a work based assessment of their connectivity skills by the CAI membership assessment team.

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4G at 800 MHz and possible disruption to Freeview - 22 October

Mobile phone operators are now rolling out 4G networks across the UK to provide super-fast wireless broadband. The 800 MHz frequencies used by some 4G services are next to the frequencies used for Freeview. There is a small chance this may cause disruption to Freeview services.

Typical symptoms include a loss of sound, pixelated images or loss of some or all Freeview channels. Cable and satellite TV services are very unlikely to be affected.

at800 may send postcards to addresses in South Ayrshire and South Hams explaining there is a small chance that viewers may experience some disruption to their Freeview reception when 800 MHz masts go live.

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Skills Cards for construction site access

There is overwhelming evidence from the number of enquiries being received by the CAI office that more and more installers are being caught by the tightening of restriction to construction site access.  In more and more cases the only way on to a regulated construction site is by possession of skills card identifying you as competent in your trade and familiar with all necessary health and safety demands.
CSCS Find the right card for you Left Margin smallOver the past years many installers obtained temporary or trainee cards by stating and signing they would be undertaking formal qualification training – either industry pathway or vocational.  It is now obvious many of those temporary cards have expired, qualification was not completed and card operators are not re-issuing cards unless proof of competence – i.e. qualification and certification – can be produced.

Thankfully some time ago the CAI secured its ‘Foundation Diploma in Signal Reception’ as a pathway for proving competence to obtain a CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) card and this qualification is one of the accepted routes to obtaining a card. 

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Safe Working at Heights with Ladders – New In-House Training from the CAI

The CAI is pleased to announce it is now in a position to offer a Safe Working at Height (SWAH) with ladders course at member’s work-based locations.SWAH Image 3 Border

After the overwhelming welcomed response to the SWAH refresher assessments, the CAI is reacting positively to member requests for a 1-day knowledge and practical training course that can be conducted ‘in-house’ to avoid days of travel and accommodation with the resultant down-time that costs work and money. Whilst already certified installers can be re-assessed at work and avoid a costly trip to training centres, new recruits still have to make somewhat laborious and costly arrangement to attend a training centre, which can be a considerable distance from their place of work.

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Safe Working at Height – Republic of Ireland

Good news for the trade in the Republic of Ireland. The CAI is pleased to announce that their consultant partners – CSS Worksafe Ltd – have secured premises in Mullingar, in Westmeath, Ireland from which they can deliver the CAI’s Safe Working at Height with ladders training course. The course is essential to new applicants for membership who may not have completed any formal certification of competence is using ladders as a working platform.   Proving you are competent with PPE and a fall restraint system is fundamental when applying to join the CAI. The CAI wishes CSS every success with this new extension to their growing business and hopes more installers will make use of the facility and so ensure installers are working as safely as possible when using ladders for work.

The address for the course venue is; Unit 2, Zone C, Mullingar Business Park, Mullingar, Westmeath. For full details of how to enrol on CAI approved training for any aspect of health & safety in the work place - http://cai.org.uk/t/training-courses/59-safe-working-at-heights-with-ladders