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Aerial transmitter engineering work

There has been a rise in the number of enquiries about certain aerial transmitters causing viewing issues.  Across the UK there are numerous pockets of engineering work that involve actual transmitting antenna changes and actual transmitter equipment replacement.  The result is either weak signal – that affects viewers outside of the primary service area giving break-up or pixellation – or transmitters are turned off and all viewers served by the transmitter suffer totally blank screens.  The CAI recommend that new installations you complete from hereon, come with a warning that engineering work is likely to interrupt viewing and the customers may experience blank screens for an undisclosed time until work is complete. 

Transmitter works can be checked online through DigitalUK and BBC - https://cai.org.uk/index.php/contact/engineering-checker.

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TrustMark audit the CAI

As part of our ongoing commitment to be one of the 30 service trade ‘scheme operators’, TrustMark’s Head of Compliance Ray Ferris visited the CAI for the annual audit of CAI’s administration processes relating to our TrustMark members.  The CAI is committed to policing the membership’s adherence to TrustMark’s core criteria. 

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Rosneath Transmitter – Dumbarton area

Digital UK have informed the CAI of necessary engineering work at the Rosneath transmitter from mid-next week (beginning 9 Oct), which may result in a temporary loss of reception for some homes in the Dumbarton area on the fringes of coverage.  Most homes affected should be able to retune to the nearby Millburn Muir transmitter to restore their main channels during the work. Information and advice for viewers will be available from the Freeview Advice Line on 0808 100 0288 and on the Freeview website at www.freeview.co.uk/support

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