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Certificate of Compliance

Certificate of Compliance for Installers - Communal & Commercial Signal Distribution Systems
A Scheme for Landlords & Managing Agents

The Need for a Compliance Certificate

As far back as the 1960's with the advent of colour TV, many social and commercial landlords installed communal satellite dishes and aerials and unknowingly overlooked legislation governing TV and radio aerial system installation.  With the rapid growth of satellite TV in the 1990’s, despite broadcaster operator best efforts, our trade witnessed a common ignorance of required planning law. This continues to be the case in many instances and has resulted in many multiple occupancy buildings having a proliferation of receiving equipment, many of which are no longer in use. (Sky’s company, Sky Homes estimates that 44% of satellite dishes of all description are redundant and no longer used on a daily basis).

In reality there are millions of homes served by shared antenna distribution systems that have been installed outside of current standards and indeed with little regard or knowledge of the regulation that exists.

CAI has therefore evolved a scheme that seeks to redress this by presenting a case to the housing industry for regular assessment or audit of its signal distribution systems. The scheme will provide a route map for all types of property owners to engage with a CAI installing company that offers a systematic and comprehensive assessment for ensuring all their signal distribution systems comply with current legislation.

The UK has just completed the largest changeover in broadcasting history with the switch to digital only TV reception. All residents within a multi-dwelling establishment have a basic expectancy of public service TV and radio channels and over 30% require access to satellite broadcasting. The antenna skyline of Britain’s apartment block is gradually transforming with an antenna mast being shared with at least one TV aerial, an FM radio aerial, a digital radio aerial and a satellite dish.


What is the Certificate of Compliance scheme?

The complexity of signal distribution in UK homes now needs a careful, responsible and reputable certification of compliance.  At the moment there is no guidance at all on periodic assessment of signal networks.  This document is therefore intended to provide commercial and communal property owners, landlords and managing agents with enough information to ensure that their signal and data distribution systems;

  • Operate within recognised parameters.
  • Are maintained to the required standards of safety, both mechanical and electrical.

In fact, regulation 4 of the Electricity at Work Act 1989 states

  1. All systems shall be at all times be of such construction as to prevent, so far as is reasonably practicable, danger.
  2. As may be necessary to prevent danger, all systems shall be maintained so as to prevent, so far as is reasonably practicable, such danger.
What type of properties are covered?

Buildings that could be covered by these proposals include;

  • Communal housing.
  • Mixed occupancy housing (often broadly termed multi-dwelling units, with leaseholders and tenants in the same building).
  • Pubs, restaurants and leisure facilities.
  • Hospitals, schools and colleges.
  • Retail premises.
  • Anywhere where terrestrial and satellite receiving equipment distributes TV, sound, data services and a commercial buildings insurance is in place. 
What are the benefits?

Installing Members:

  • Exclusive to CAI system registered installers only.
  • Immediate income from the audit process and issue of Compliance Certificate.
  • Manageable workloads.
  • Helps to develop a good pro-active relationship with clients.
  • Secondary income from necessary remedial work, upgrade work, removal of unauthorised equipment.
  • More sustainable business based on planned schedules.

Landlords & Managing Agents:

  • Knowledge the system is working properly.
  • Knowledge the system is electrically and mechanically safe.
  • Savings on service charges as checked annually & problems notified and correct at this time.
  • Advised of any work that may need doing to keep the system working.
  • Advised of unauthorised dishes etc that have been installed.
  • Advised of new technologies that may better suit your needs.
  • Possible savings on insurance premiums.
  • Helps to avoid unexpected and expensive emergency call-outs.
I'm an installer, how do i get a Certificate of Compliance for a communal/commercial system?
  • Download 'Members Pack'   to understand requirements. This is only viewable if you are logged-in and are a systems registered CAI member. 
  • Download  remaining 'Supporting Documents' for templates and further information.
  • Read & understand 'Terms & Conditions'.
  • Purchase Certificates of Compliance. 
I'm a Managing Agent, how do I get a Certificate of Compliance for my Communal/Commercial System?