Fibre Optics in Signal Distribution Stage 2 - Watford


This stage 2 programme is suitable for participants who have completed the CAI Fibre Optics in Signal Distribution Stage 1 (or previous CAI 1-day programme) or have a good understanding of general Fibre optic principles in relation to Fibre Integrated Reception Systems and who wish to progress to a higher level of competence and practical ability in this area.

This programme will enable participants to design, build and analyse Fibre Optic systems used for Signal Distribution.

Over this 1-day programme participants will become familiar and confident with Fibre technology.  They will be able to design, test, commision and fault find on Fibre IRS and other basic optical networks.

Content '(P) indicates inclusive practical elements'
- Revision of H & S handling and correct disposal of optical fibre.
- Multimode Fibre principles.
- HDMI over fibre.
- Multiple Sat Fibre Systems
- GEPON and EDFA. Principles of operation
- System testing using OLTS and OTDR
- Practical Cable management and Blown Fibre
- In depth analysis of the effects of connector contamination (P)
- Internal plant cable preparation(P)
- Assembly of optical splitters enclosures (P).
- Termination at Customer Premise(P)
- Advanced test commission and fault finding on FIRS (P)

Learning Outcomes
This 1-day programme will enable all participants to;
- Spcify, design and build a Fibre Integrated Reception System.
- Manage Fibre containment and terminations.
- Troubleshoot, test and commission Fibre IRS and basic GEPON.

Learning Style
Guided by PowerPoint presentations, industry supported videos and interactive sessions. Focusing on a kinaesthetic (learning by doing) style of tuition promoting group activity in a professional environment.

Assessment Method
Continual informal and formal assessments will monitor progress throughout the day.  Practical assessment exercises and a multiple choice open book assessment paper with a pass mark of 65%.

Programme Duration
This programme is run over 1 day designed to follow Stage 1 or supplement previous knowledge.



Event Properties

Event Date 01-Dec-2021 9:30 am
Event End Date 01-Dec-2021 5:00 pm
Individual Price £340.00
Watford - CAI Ltd
41 Market Street
Watford - CAI Ltd